Forecasting Sales:  Three Great Options

One of the best things about a QA model is the flexibility it gives you for forecasting new sites. You own the model formula and it is completely portable across technology platforms and providers.

Whether you want full forecasting services or to do-it-yourself, you choose what works best and when your needs change, you can easily change your method. The site forecasting spreadsheet is the key to all your forecasts and gives you the opportunity to change assumptions to see how the forecast adjusts.


QA Site Forecasting Services

If you evaluate a handful of sites a year, and don’t want to be bothered with data and technology licenses, this is the best option for you. Simply send us the site you need a forecast for, and we’ll send it back to you with the data, forecast and our assessment.


Internal Site Forecasts

For analytic and detail oriented professionals who have the necessary data licenses, you can forecast sales of prospective sites yourself by entering the model variables into the site forecasting spreadsheet.


Forecast Automation

If you’re evaluating a high volume of sites and need forecasts in a click, technology partners help you get the most out of your model by automating your site forecasts. Partners provide other mapping functionality and visualization of the trade area. Visit our complete list of technology partners on our Partners page.

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“This is far and away the best, most comprehensive and easy-to-use Forecasting tool I have ever seen. Deborah has worked tirelessly to develop the model to fit our rather peculiar needs and is always available to help when questions arise. I wish we’d had this tool a few years ago, we would have avoided a couple of costly mistakes!”
Joyce Dery, Director of Real Estate, Farmer Boys Foods, Inc.
“We reached out to Quantitative Analysis to help us with our aggressive growth plan for new units. It gave us a better insight on attributes to look at in evaluating locations. In addition to the standard analysis, QA took the time explore other variables that were unique to our brand.”
Bob Kralicek, Director of Real Estate, NPC International, Franchisee of Pizza Hut and Wendy’s