Site models and other predictive analytics can answer critical business expansion questions:

  • Where are my best expansion opportunities?
  • What level of sales can I expect?
  • How can I open fewer locations with below-average sales?
  • How much will a new location encroach on existing locations?
  • Who are the complementary retailers or restaurants I should look for?
  • What impact do competitors have on my sales, and are there any benefits of proximity?
  • Are there any site attributes or other factors that will make or break a store’s performance?

QA’s robust site modeling gives you:

  • Detailed knowledge of the most compelling factors affecting store sales, and their estimated sales impact
  • A model formula that provides reliable sales forecasts by weighting demand against competition, balancing positives and negatives in the trade area
  • A site forecasting spreadsheet that lets you use the model formula immediately, without a major technology investment or time delays
  • The ability to conduct “what-if” scenario modeling, such as expansion of a competitor or new retail development
  • Test results showing the likelihood of new sites reaching certain sales thresholds based on their forecast range
  • The ability to quickly forecast existing stores to see what factors may be impacting the sales of under-performing locations

Learn how to use your model: