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Quantitative Analysis develops high-performance predictive models that learn from your current locations to reliably forecast sales of new sites.  Our business statisticians conduct comprehensive analysis of existing stores and trade areas to identify and quantify what matters most. Beyond standard demographics, we analyze the retail environment, daytime population, economic data, student populations, competition and numerous other factors.  The resulting model provides in-depth understanding of what drives sales of your locations, in addition to reliable sales forecasts.

Customer Testimonials

“We at Panda could not be any happier. It definitely feels like we have a whole new and much clearer view of opportunities for growth.”
Vince Ibarra, GIS Administrator, Panda Restaurant Group
“Quite simply, the modeling results QA delivered Kal Tire were staggering. Deborah applied what I think of as her trademark meticulousness and razor-sharp thinking to Kal Tire’s business and provided us with an easy to use and highly intuitive tool. It is easy to explain, crystallizes focus, is accurate and most importantly enables better decision-making in our site decisions.”
Aaron Smith, Marketing, Kal Tire
“Quantitative Analysis is an important element to the success of our site selection process at Pal’s Sudden Service. Thanks to the custom-crafted sales forecast model Deborah created for us we now have a tremendously accurate tool for selecting sites that produce sales within the top tier of our stores. As we add more locations we are confident that we are targeting the highest potential properties by using the sales forecast model.”
Thom Crosby, CEO, Pal’s Sudden Service

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